0300 Numbers

The popular number reserved exclusively for charities and not-for-profits. 0300 numbers are easy to recognise and cheap to call.

Calls made to an 0300 number are charged the same as a call to a standard 01 or 02 number.They are also automatically included in any landline or mobile inclusive minutes package, so it won't cost the caller a lot of money to contact you. You can compare this with calls made to an 0800 number, which are free from a landline but could cost up to 40p/min from a mobile.

Benefits of 0300 numbers

Get an 0300 number
  • For charities, non-profits and public bodies only
  • Cost the caller the same as a call to a UK landline
  • Can receive calls made abroad
  • National number - covers the UK
  • Wide choice of numbers available
  • Minimal regulatory restrictions

0300 numbers can be reliably called from abroad using the +44 prefix. This is a huge advantage if your charity / not-for-profit has offices or supporters overseas.

0300 numbers (also known as 030 numbers) are non-geographic numbers available only to charities, non-profits and public and government bodies.

Why Choose an 0300 Number?

0300 numbers cost little or nothing to call from both landlines and mobiles, which means they won't put off potential donors or volunteers from calling you. They help create the right impression about your organisation without costing you or your caller the earth to talk.

Traditionally, organisations may have used other numbers such as 0845 numbers and 0870 numbers, but the cost of calling these ranges can add up, especially from a mobile. This can discourage callers on a mobile getting in touch, which is usually the opposite of what you actually want to happen.

You will have to prove your organisation is eligible before you can get an 0300 number. You can find out more information on the eligibility guidelines here, or by downloading this eligibity guidelines pdf.

If you are not a charity / not for profit you can apply for an 0333 number instead. They work in exactly the same way as 0300 numbers but are available to anyone, including businesses.

Special call rates for charities and not for profits

Callagenix are pleased to support charities and other not-for-profits by offering reduced rates and possible promotional opportunities on our site.

Please contact us for more information.

0300 numbers and Callagenix services

Once you have selected your number, you can use it with our services in one of two ways:

  1. With the Basic Service. A simple call divert from your 0300 number on to any 01 / 02 UK landline number.
  2. With our Advanced Services. Do so much more with your calls using one or more of our Advanced Services. Combine them in any way you like to build your ideal solution. You can also upgrade from the Basic Service to the Advanced range when the the time is right.

Click here to read more about how 0300 numbers fit with our hosted services.

Who Are 0300 Numbers For?

  • 0300 numbers are for charities, not-for-profits, public and government bodies.The range has been set aside by Ofcom to be used only by these organisations. You can check your eligibility by talking to us or downloading the pdf further up this page.

0300 Number Costs

Callers pays Standard UK regional rate for calls to 0300 numbers dependent upon phone provider, covered as part of an inclusive minutes plan.
Inbound call charge 2ppm
Revenue received Not applicable
Advanced Service From 48p per day, depending on the service specified. See Available Services and Divert Cost Calculator.
Basic Service See our bundle costs
Setup / connection Free (memorable numbers may incur a charge)
Annual charge None
Security deposit Not required
Cost and revenue excl. VAT, caller cost inc. VAT, caller cost assumes dialled from national carrier, e.g. BT

Do you have an 0300 phone number already? Switch to us and take advantage of our low call rates and range of hosted services.

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