0844 Numbers

With a Callagenix 0844 number you pay NO incoming call charges and can earn up to 1.25p/min on every call.

When your customer phones your 0844 number they are charged 5.8333p/min (+VAT) service charge, plus their phone company's access charge. You earn up to 1.25p/min.

Benefits of 0844 numbers

Get an 0844 number
  • Location independent
  • Offset your running costs
  • Avoid code changes
  • Instant change of divert
  • Online stats & number management

Any call revenues generated through the standard 0844 service are paid monthly in arrears. If you have any Advanced Services in place, we automatically add any revenues generated through your 0844 number directly onto your Callagenix account balance. Any surplus revenues are paid monthly in arrears.

0844 numbers are a popular choice with clients looking to generate small revenues.

How are 0844 numbers used?

Depending on your requirements, both our Basic and Advanced Services are available to use with your 0844 number:

  1. For a straightforward solution, you can redirect calls to your 0844 number onto your UK landline (any 01 or 02 number) using our Basic Service.
  2. For added flexibility, such as an answerphone, group divert or virtual switchboard, you'll need one or more of our Advanced Services. Use them as building blocks to handle calls exactly how you want.

Not sure what you need? Why not give us a call, or set up with a Basic Service to start with and add Advanced Services when you need them.

More about 0844 numbers and how they connect with our services can be found here.

0844 numbers and Ofcom regulations

When advertising your 0844 number, you now need to display the service charge and the access charge alongside your number. These are the two parts of the call charge, as introduced by Ofcom with the aim of making call charges easier to understand.

  1. Our part of the charge, i.e. the rate we offer, is the service charge. It's charged per minute and can be found below. 
  2. The other part of the charge is the extra amount added by the caller's service provider. This is the access charge and will vary across providers. We can't know in advance what this will be.

How to display the cost of your number

Here's he recommended wording to use alongside your number (you are required to add this):

"Calls cost 5.8333 pence per minute (ex. VAT), plus your phone company's access charge."

You do not need to disclose how much revenue you generate per call when displaying your number.

More details are available here.

Typical Uses / Users

*NOTE* The use of 0844 numbers for post-sales B2C support is now prohibited in some cases. To check if it applies to you, please click here.

0844 Number Costs

Callers pays Calls cost 5.8333 pence per minute (ex. VAT), plus their phone company's access charge.
Inbound call charge 0ppm
Revenue received 1ppm peak, 1.25ppm off peak
Advanced Service From 48p per day, depending on the service specified. Available Services,  Divert Cost Calculator
Basic Service Earns 1pm peak, 1.25ppm off peak
Setup / connection FREE (memorable numbers may incur a charge)
Annual charge Not Applicable
Security deposit Not Applicable
Cost and revenue excl. VAT, caller cost inc. VAT, caller cost assumes dialled from national carrier, e.g. BT

If you already have an 0844 number and would like to take advantage of our call rates or revenues, or connect it to our intelligent phone services, you may be able to port your number to us. For more details please click here.

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here to pick a number