0870 Numbers

0870 numbers are non-geographic numbers.

Our service charge for 0870 numbers is 10.8333p/min (ex-VAT) and your phone company will add an access charge. Sometimes the call may even be included as part of an inclusive minutes call package. Calls from mobiles may cost more.

Benefits of 0870 numbers

Get an 0870 number
  • Easy to take your number with you if you relocate.
  • Forward your calls to your existing landline, mobile or anywhere in the world.
  • An 0870 number can be reliably called from outside of the UK.
  • An 0870 non-geographic number can help make you look more professional.

An added advantage is that the Callagenix range of 0870 numbers has been specifically set up to allow callers from most countries outside the UK to contact you.

Using your 0870 number

How you use your number will depend on your requirement:

  1. If you only need to divert calls to your number onto another UK landline number, then our Basic Service is perfect for this.
  2. If you want to do more with your calls then our range of Advanced Services lets you do this. Choose how you want to handle your call and combine the services to enable your desired solution.

You can switch between the Basic and Advanced Services at any time if you need to.

Learn more about 0870 numbers and how to use them here:

Ofcom regulations for using 0870 numbers

The cost of calling 0870 numbers has now been split into two parts by Ofcom, with the aim of making it clearer for consumers:

  1. The service charge - this is the rate set by Callagenix (per minute, ex. VAT) to call an 0870 number. The current rate can be found below. 
  2. The access charge - this part of the charge is set by the phone provider and may vary across providers.

You are obliged to display the cost of your number

The service charge for calling your 0870 number needs to be prominently displayed wherever you use your number.

The best format for this is as follows:

"Calls cost 10.8333 pence per minute (ex. VAT), plus your phone company's access charge."

You can read more about this by clicking here.

Typical Uses / Users

  • UK & international sales, marketing and fax lines
  • Support and customer service lines

*NOTE* If you want to use an 0870 number for B2C post-sales support (e.g. a helpline) this may no longer be possible due to BEIS regulations. Discover more by clicking here.

0870 Number Costs

Callers pays Calls cost 10.8333 pence per minute (ex. VAT), plus their phone company's access charge.
Inbound call charge 2ppm
Revenue received Not applicable
Advanced Service From 48p per day, depending on the service specified. See Available Services and Divert Cost Calculator.
Basic Service See our bundle prices
Setup / connection Free (memorable numbers may incur a charge)
Annual charge Not applicable
Security deposit Not applicable
Cost and revenue excl. VAT, caller cost inc. VAT, caller cost assumes dialled from national carrier, e.g. BT

If you already have an 0870 number and would like to take advantage of our call rates or revenues, or use our intelligent phone services, you may be able to port your number to us.

For more details please click here.

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here to pick a number