0870 Numbers

Benefits of 0870 numbers

  • Can take the number with you if you relocate.
  • Forward your calls to your existing landline, mobile or anywhere in the world.
  • An 0870 number can be called reliably from outside of the UK.
  • An 08 non-geographic number adds a touch of professionalism.

0870 numbers are part of the range of non-geographic numbers supplied by Callagenix. They are National Rate numbers that cost the caller no more than a call to a geographic rate number (01 and 02 numbers) from a BT landline. This can be up to 10p / minute but is often less and may even be included as part of an inclusive minutes call package. Calls from other landline providers and especially from mobiles may cost more.

An added advantage is that our range of 0870 numbers has been specifically set up to allow callers from most countries outside the UK to contact you, so if you are looking to buy an 0870 number Callagenix is an excellent choice.

How are 0870 numbers used?

Once you have chosen your number it can be set up in one of two ways. Using our low cost Basic service you can connect it to any UK landline number starting with 01 or 02. Alternatively, if you require calls to the number to be handled more intelligently, or you wish to connect to numbers other than a UK landline number (e.g. to mobiles or an international number), then you can use it with one or more of our Advanced Services instead. You can also start off with a Basic service and painlessly upgrade to an Advanced service at any time when you’re ready.

0870 Number with Basic Service

When combined with the Basic service, your Callagenix 0870 number will be hosted in the cloud and forward all calls onto any UK landline number you specifiy, which is typically your office or home phone. Your existing number and line are not affected in any way and can be used normally. When a customer calls your 0870 number the call is immediately connected to your chosen landline number. There is no set-up or connection costs for the call and charges start from as little as 2p/min, We offer a range of monthly and annual inclusive minutes bundles, so there's sure to be one suitable for you.

0870 Number with Callagenix Advanced Services

In the diagram below, you can see how 0870 numbers can be integrated with our Callagenix Intelligent Routing services. These incude: Call ForwardVirtual Switchboard, Group Divert, AnswerphoneCall DiversionCompany Information Line and Fax to Email.

Depending on your organisational set-up, you may decide, for example, that callers should be diverted to mobile or UK landline, you may prefer a call centre hunt group to be involved or you may just prefer a simple divert. Whatever your preference, once the 0870 number is dialled, the Callagenix platform handles the call exactly how you want it to be handled.

Typical Uses / Users

  • UK & International Sales, Marketing and Fax lines
  • Support and Customer Service lines

*PLEASE Note* If you are considering using an 084x, 087x or 09x number for post-sales support (such as a helpline, customer service, billings or complaints) please be aware this is now illegal in some circumstances.

For full details please click here.

0870 Number Costs

Callers pays Their UK Regional rate
Inbound Call Charge 2ppm
Revenue received Not Applicable
Advanced Service From 40p per day, depending on the service specified. Available ServicesDivert Cost
Basic Service Bundle Costs
Setup/Connection FREE (memorable numbers may incur a charge)
Annual Charge Not Applicable
Security Deposit Not Applicable
Cost and Revenue excl. VAT, Caller cost inc. VAT, Caller cost assumes dialled from National Carrier, e.g. BT

If you already have an 0870 number and would like to take advantage of our call rates or revenues, or use our intelligent phone services, you may be able to port your number to us. For more details please click here.

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