International Numbers

Our wide range of international numbers covering over 100 countries makes it easy to establish an overseas presence without being there.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and virtually the whole world inbetween, our comprehensive range of international numbers wil help you do business abroad.

You can set up and manage toll-free, local or national phone numbers in over 100 countries around the world, without the cost of being physically located there. With call charges starting from a little as 2ppm, it’s never been easier to let your organisation go global!

Benefits of international numbers

View available countries
  • Promote your organisation globally
  • Location independent
  • Local, National and Toll-Free options
  • Global control & instant management
  • Can be used with any Callagenix service
  • Real-time call data available online

All your international phone numbers are hosted in the cloud and integrate seamlessly with your Callagenix phone system. It's easy to manage how your calls are handled and make changes at any time through your online control panel.

International Numbers

Whatever you're looking for from an international phone number, we can help. You can choose to have a Toll Free Freephone (ITFS), Universal Toll Free Freephone (UIFN) or select from a range of over 4,000 local or regional phone numbers from around the world.

When combined with our advanced range of telephone services, you have the ability to route your calls (voice or data) anywhere in the world in pretty much any way you wish, all controlled and managed by you through your Callagenix account.

It’s simple to establish an international presence with Callagenix international business phone numbers.

How do international numbers work?

All international phone numbers must be used with a Callagenix service. Once your chosen number has been activated, we instantly route your calls to your chosen service. Depending on the service you select, your call could, for example, be routed to your support centres, sales offices, or perhaps a voicemail message, emergency information line service, or fax to email. When combined with our Time of Day service you can truly set up and manage a global "follow the sun" service.

Charges are dependent upon the number type selected and the Callagenix service used. We offer numbers in over 100 countries - for a full international number country list click here.

You can read more about how UK regional numbers are used with our Advanced services on this page:

International Freephone Numbers (ITFS)

One of the most popular and powerful for promoting products and services, ITFS numbers are easily recognised in their country of origin as being free to call. ITFS numbers can also be known as international toll-free, or sometimes international freephone numbers.

Each country number will be different and they can generally only be called from the country they have been set up in.

Most ITFS numbers can be accessed by mobile callers. However, this is not guaranteed for all countries, or from all mobile networks. You can find more information on the International Freephone service on each individual country page, or please contact us if you need clarification.

International Regional Numbers (PSTN)

If you are looking to promote yourselves as having a regional presence around the world, Callagenix can provide you with a range of International Regional Numbers (PSTN).

For example, you could promote your products and services with a regional number in say, Paris, Beijing, Sydney and Zurich without actually being located there. Callers will dial the number in the same way they would call a local number in their country.

We now cover almost 4,000 local areas across some 100 countries. Unlike Freephone and National numbers, PSTN numbers can be called internationally by dialling the country code first and are fully accessible by all mobile callers.

International National Numbers

International National Numbers are generally either non-geographic, or are specially designated numbers, usually for the capital city.

The UK has a wide range of these numbers with a starting prefix of 03X, 08X, and 09X.  Some are revenue earning like 0871, 0872 0844 and 09xxx, whilst others with the prefix 03xx, 0845 and 0870 are not revenue generating. No revenues are payable on any International National numbers outside of the UK.

Callers will dial the number in the same way they would call that number in their country. These numbers are available in many countries all over the world. However, like freephone numbers, National numbers cannot always be called from outside the country of origin.

If you have any questions about how they work in a particular country please check out the individual country pages, or contact us.

International Numbers

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

If you are looking to promote your products or services in many countries but only wanting to use a single toll-free international number, Callagenix can provide you with a UIFN, Universal International Freephone number. With a UIFN the phone number stays the same across all countries it is set up for, with only the freephone prefix changing for each country.

To name a few countries, you can use the same UIFN number in Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong and the UK without physically being in each location.

UIFN numbers are not available in all countries and the prefix dialled in each country can vary. Most UIFN numbers have the prefix 00 800, whilst some start 001followed by the rest of the number. Again, the numbers can only be dialled from within the country they have been set up in, but whilst all can be called from landlines, not all are accessible from mobile phones.

Requirements and Restrictions for International Numbers

While suitable ID is required to open a Callagenix account, some countries may require additional forms of ID. In some cases a signed letter stating your organisation's core activities may also be needed.

Additional notes covering specific requirements and restrictions are available once you have chosen your required number type. We will, of course, assist in any way possible to help you get set up as soon as possible.

Typical Uses/Users

International Number Costs & Restrictions

Callers pays Will depend upon their service provider
Inbound call charge Variable
Revenue received 0ppm
Advanced Service From 48p per day, depending on the service specified. Available Services
Basic Service Can only operate with Advanced Services
Number setup From £75.00
Monthly charge Most UK numbers are free with others from £7 per month
Restrictions Suitable ID is required for all numbers. Not all toll-free numbers accept mobile calls

Cost and revenue excl. VAT, Caller cost incl. VAT. Caller cost assumes dialled from national carrier, e.g. BT. Most international numbers are subject to a 12 month contract.

To gets started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 0000 or view available countries