Advanced Service Pricing

The cost of operating a number, or numbers, with one or more of our Advanced Services depends on a number of factors.

These include the number(s) you choose to operate (e.g. 01/02, 0800, etc.), which of our primary advanced services your number is then attached to, and whether or not the call is subsequently diverted elsewhere after it has been handled by one of our services. If you choose any additional features this can also sometimes affect the overall cost.

It can be confusing at first but we're always available to help you work it out. Once you have decided which numbers and services you want to use it's actually straightforward to calculate the costs. Below you'll find a short summary of the different elements involved, as well as costings for each.

If you only need a simple solution, you can choose a UK 08 number (e.g. the 0800, 0844 and 0871 ranges) or an 03 number (e.g. 0333 or 0300) and then forward all calls made to it to your regular UK landline using our Basic Service.

Our Advanced Services are there for when you want to use a different number number, or you need to handle your call in a more sophisticated way than just a simple divert to a landline.

Pricing of Advanced Services

With the Advanced Service when your number is dialled, the call (Inbound Call) is delivered to the Advanced Service (Service Rental) attached to the number, this service may depending on the settings run other services, record a message or divert the call to other telephone numbers (Outbound Call).

Pricing is therefore made up of the following elements:

  1. Inbound Call, depends upon the number dialled, it may cost you money (e.g. 0800, international, etc.) or it may pay you money (e.g. 0871, 090 premium rate etc..).
  2. Service Rental, the service attached to the phone number.
  3. Outbound Call, cost of the call if diverted to another number (landline, mobile or international).
  4. Additional Features, such as Call Recording, Studio Prompts, SMS alerts etc.

To see details on the various Payment Options available click here.

Inbound Call

When you receive a call are received there may be an inbound call charge, no charge at all, or you may even earn some revenue (e.g. with the 0870 national rate, 0871 rate 10ppm, premium rate numbers).

This is dependent on the number range you have chosen to receive calls on.

See the tables below for details:

UK Phone Numbers

Number Type Call Charge Notes
0800 Freephone UK Landline callers from 2ppm, mobiles & others from 5ppm Basic and Advanced See our 0800 number bundles
03xx Number 2ppm Basic and Advanced See our 03 number bundles
0870 Number 2ppm Basic and Advanced See our 0870 number bundles
UK Regional 2ppm Only Advanced Service
0845 Number No call charge Basic and Advanced
0844 Number Earns 1.25ppm Basic and Advanced
0871 Number Earns 3ppm Basic and Advanced
0872 Number Earns 2ppm Basic and Advanced
090x Number 10ppm to 150ppm. More info Only Advanced Service
International Number Varies Only Advanced Service See our available international numbers
All Available Number Types

Revenues paid are calculated per call – conditions apply

The cost to caller will vary as the caller may be ringing from abroad, mobile or pay phone using a variety of providers.

Please see the Premium Rate Information page for more details on premium rate 090 numbers.

Advanced Service Rental

The Advanced Service Rental is charged daily for each service which is attached to a live (non-test) telephone number.

The service rental covers the use of 4 lines at any one time. Additional lines used incur a charge of 30p, see here for more information.

Service Costs

Service Type Daily Rental When Attached
to a Live Number
When Added
to a Live Service
Approx. Monthly Rental Cost
Information Line 40p Free £12 pounds
Answerphone 40p Free £12 pounds
Call Divert 40p Free £12 pounds
Call Forward & Record 40p Free £12 pounds
Fax to Email 40p Free £12 pounds
Group Divert 70p Free £21 pounds
Time of Day 70p Free £21 pounds
Virtual Switchboard 70p Free £21 pounds
PIN Entry 70p Free £21 pounds
Caller Select 70p Free £21 pounds
Call Conference 30p Free £9 pounds
ACD Login 30p Free £9 pounds
Voicemail Retrieval 30p Free £9 pounds

Outbound Call

Oubound Call charges are only incurred if an Advanced Service diverts the call onto another telephone number, the cost of the outbound call is dependent on the number you are diverting to.

The table below highlights the most common numbers. If you are unsure of the costs involved then please try out the Divert Cost Calculator or contact us to talk to one of our representatives.

UK Outbound Calls

Destination Peak Evening Weekend
UK Landline 2ppm 2ppm 2ppm
IP Telephony 0ppm 0ppm 0ppm
Mobile 15ppm 10ppm 6ppm
International All Route Costs
Divert Cost Calculator

Outbound Calls and Callagenix IP Telephony 

Callagenix IP Telephony (VOIP) can be setup to receive diverted calls from your services, in which case the call charge is 0p per minute.

Our services can also be used to make outbound calls, in which case the outbound call charges are as in the table above. There is further information on our IP Telephony in the Additional Features section below, or you can click here for full details.

Additional Features

There are some other charges that can be incurred, they are all optional extra and are listed below:

Memorable Numbers

Memorable numbers are just the same as regular numbers except they are easier to dial and remember, e.g. numbers such as 0870 112233 or 0870 1234567.

We offer a range of Silver and Gold numbers (categorised according to how memorable they are) which are available for a small one-off fee. If you have a special number request please contact us to check availability and to receive a quote.

Memorable Gold and Silver Numbers

Service Type Cost
Silver From £75
Gold From £150
Special number request From £75

Optional SMS Text Alerts

When you receive a voicemail or fax you may also choose to receive an SMS text notification sent to your mobile to alert you.

All SMS texts are date and time stamped along with the caller's CLI (Caller Line Identification), as long as it's not being withheld.

You can turn text notifications on and off by changing the mailbox settings in your online control panel.

Each SMS message sent is charged at a fixed rate of 12p.

Call Recording and Message Archiving

Any call received or made by the Callagenix system may be recorded, this facility is included in the Message Archive Reporting and Retrieval (MARR) package. As part of this all messages and recordings are archived from your mailboxes and may be retrieved online via a comprehensive reporting system and FTP. For more details click here.

Call Recording and Message Archiving

Description Cost (£)
Base Package (up to 5000 minutes recording) £25 per month
Additional 5000 minutes or part thereof £10 per month
Recording Time Included
Minimum Archive Period 3 months

Multiple Simultaneous Phone Lines

When you operate a service with Callagenix you are automatically allocated up to 4 simultaneous lines within the price of your daily service charge. If you use more then 4 lines at any one time then an additional line charge will be debited from your operating balance.

Each additional simultaneous line is charged at the rate of 30p/day.

This charge is applied on a daily basis and is calculated using a 7-day moving maximum. NB. If you require more than 4 simultaneous lines regularly, please call us for discounted rates. 

Professional Voice Recording

If you don't want to use our default prompts, you can have them professionally recorded for a small additional fee instead.

Please contact us for further information and a full quotation.

IP Telephony

There is no setup or fixed monthly charges for IP Telephony use.

Call charges are the standard published outbound rate for making calls, see here.

There are no call charges for receiving a call from Callagenix service or another Callagenix IP telephony device.

There is a 30p per day usage charge for each Callagenix IP Telephony registration that receives a call from a Callagenix service, or that makes a call to an external number (i.e. not a Callagenix IP telephony number).

Callagenix VoIP IP Telephony Charges

Setup FREE
Outbound call costs As per published outbound rates
Inbound call charge FREE
Monthly Rental FREE
Usage Charge* 30p per day

*The usage charge applies if a Callagenix IP Telephony registration makes or receives a non Callagenix IP Telephony call.

Transferring Between a Basic Service and Advanced Services

You can upgrade from a Basic Service to an Advanced Services (or Services) at any time at no cost.

You are also free to downgrade from an Advanced Service to the Basic Service whenever you want. If you have been using the Advanced Service for more than 30 days there is no charge for this. If you have been using it for less than 30 days there is a one-off charge of £9 to switch to the Basic Service.

To get started, please call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or send us a message