Basic Service Pricing

Numbers operated on a Basic Service are routed to a UK landline numbers only.

The Basic Service is only available for numbers starting 03 (0300 or 0333) or 08 (0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872). With this service, calls made to one of these numbers is then diverted on to a destination number you specify. The destination number can only be a UK landline, but you can change it at any time via your online control panel. All changes come into effect virtually instantaneously.

This is the extent of the control you have with the Basic Service. If you wanted the call to be handled in any other way, or if you'd like to divert calls to a mobile or international number then you'd have to upgrade to the Advanced service.

Call bundles

The Pricing is handled differently to numbers operating on Advanced Services. If the number you choose to run with your Basic Service has call costs associated with it (i.e 03, 0800 and 0808 numbers) then you will need to purchase a call bundle for the relevant number to cover any call charges incurred.

Bundle minutes are valid for either a year in the case of less busy number, or monthly for busier numbers, they are billed monthly in advance, any unused bundle minutes are carried over to the next month, if the usage exceeds the monthly bundle then the extra minutes are charged for separately when the next month's bundle is billed.

Generate revenue

If you choose a number from the 084 and 087 ranges, then you won't be charged for any calls you receive. You can even use a revenue generating number to earn some money each month. If you have one or more revenue generating numbers and a large volume of inbound calls, then it's possible to earn a significant sum each month.

Revenue generating numbers again operate on a monthly cycle once the number is fully setup. A payment is made (via cheque or bank transfer) for all revenues earned over the period since the last payment or the last 12 months, as long as the revenues owing are greater than 50 pounds.

The following table identifies the numbers that can operate on a Basic Service and the charges associated:

Number Type

Basic Service Billing

0800 Freephone Bundle Costs
03xx Numbers Bundle Costs
0870 Numbers Bundle Costs
0845 (Local) Free of Charge
0844 (5ppm) Revenue payment
0871 (10ppm) Revenue payment
0872 (8ppm) Revenue payment
All numbers Advanced Service Pricing

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