Payment Options

We have several different payment options available, so you can choose the best one for you.

Please take a minute to read through the requirements for Basic / Advanced services (as required), then scroll down to see the various payment options we offer and how to get started with each.

Basic Services

Chargeable numbers (0800, 0870, 03xx ) operating on a Basic Service must be associated with a Bundle Package. These are normally billed monthly or annually in advance and require the set up of a recurring payment method on the account using Direct Debit or Card.

Advanced Services

All costs involved in running a Number on an Advanced Service are taken from your Account Operating Balance. This is a real time balance of the monies in your Account.  You can add money to your Account by purchasing Operating Vouchers, which work much like pre-paid telephone cards.

When you wish to increase your Operating Balance, then you merely select Add Funds to Account, select the value of voucher required and enter your card details. Once confirmed, the value of the voucher is added to your Operating Balance and the funds are available to be used as you wish.

Each day any Service Rental charges are deducted from your Operating Balance, as well as any call costs which are debited and call revenues which are credited at the end of each call.

When your Operating Balance reaches a, “low watermark” level, notification to top up your account is sent automatically by email and optionally SMS.  Customers with Automatic vouchers need not respond to these emails as payment will be made automatically, but for those customers who have not setup an Automatic Operating voucher will need to make a payment before their Operating Balance runs out.

All payments and charges can be viewed in the reports section of your account. Each time a payment has been made a receipt will be sent to your email address, so please keep this up to date.

All the payment methods listed below are appropriate for purchasing Operating Vouchers

Payment Methods

Callagenix accepts payments by the following means:

Payment Method Recurring or Automatic Method Notes
Direct Debit YES Minimum £100 Auto Operating Voucher for Advanced Services. Or amount outstanding for Basic service.
Card YES Online or Telephone minimum £25 Operating Voucher for Basic Services.
Bank Transfer NO To Lloyds, minimum £100 plus VAT for Advanced Services.
Cheque FACILITY WITHDRAWN Minimum £100 plus VAT for Advanced Services.
Cash FACILITY WITHDRAWN Minimum £100 plus VAT for Advanced Services.
Western Union FACILITY WITHDRAWN Minimum £600.

The minimum payment amounts are related to the purchase of an Operating Voucher, rather than payment for other services such as studio recording or standard routing services. Any payments below the stated amount will have an administration fee of £5.00 deducted.

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direct debit

Direct Debit Mandate

direct debit

You can fund your account automatically using a Direct Debit mandate. The minimum transfer amount is £100.00 or one month's operating costs (whichever is the greater) if using intelligent routing services, or the amount outstanding for standard routing number only services.

Transfers are not monthly, but are only made when your account balance has dropped below its low watermark level or a payment is due.

To set up a Direct Debit Mandate, please download and complete the DD mandate form and fax or post back to us. As the Direct Debit Mandate normally takes about 3 weeks to become active, you will need to fund your account by some other means  for the first month.

The mandate is available as an Adobe PDF here

If you are returning it by post, please complete it and send it back to us at the following address:

Accounts Payable
Callagenix Ltd
Merlin House,
Brunel Road, Theale

Card Payment

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You may also fund your account (manually or automated) by credit or debit cards. However for this facility to be set up you need to provide proof of identity, such as a copy of a utility bill, bank or card correspondence, or driver's licence, etc. (must be a document from a verifiable 3rd party with the cardholder's name and full address).

We apologise for this inconvenience. However, we are committed to reducing fraud over the Internet and this process has helped reduce the practice of “card skimming” and unauthorised card use.

Please either fax, post or email copies of such documentation and we will be able to quickly activate the online payment interface for your account.  Please ensure that on all correspondence you note your Account Login name or ID number. Also, ensure you clearly indicate (circle) the cardholder's address and name.

Please note that we do not accept American Express cards as a payment method.

Please fax to: +44 (0)333 247 0001 or email

Once activated, you can make a payment on-line via the Add Funds link within your account, or you can pay over the phone (contact us). We would strongly recommend selecting the automatic voucher option when paying, as this will automatically take a payment from your card (for the amount you have previously selected) when your account balance reaches its low watermark level.  If you are using the automatic voucher option and need to change card you are paying with, please put through a manual payment with the new card as we do not store your card details.  The card used for the last payment is the one that is used by our merchant when collecting the next automatic payment.

Bank Transfer

Funds can be paid directly by bank transfer to our account at Lloyds bank. Cheque or cash counter credit are no longer available as payment options. The minimum amount payable by this method is 100 pounds plus VAT. 

If paying by bank transfer, please first ensure your Callagenix Account Name or ID are quoted on your payment, then send an email to quoting:

  • Callagenix Account Name or ID,
  • Date of payment,
  • Payment method,
  • Amount,
  • Account from which the payment has been made, if appropriate.

Callagenix Account Details (GBP)

Account Details (GBP)

Account name: Callagenix Ltd
Sort Code: 30-95-36
Account No: 61659460
IBAN: GB95 LOYD 3095 3661659460 (for international transfers)

Paying in Euros

If you wish to pay in Euros please contact for more information.

Low Watermark

The Low Watermark figure is automatically calculated to be 20% of the Operating Balance when the last payment was credited. This figure will provide a warning to allow you to top up your account manually.

Operating Vouchers

You can add money to your Account by purchasing Operating Vouchers, which work much like pre-paid telephone cards. The table below lists the Vouchers available, the value and the cost of each voucher.

Voucher (in GBP)

Cost ex. VAT (in GBP)

25.00 25.00
50.00 49.00
100.00 97.00
200.00 192.00
500.00 475.00
1000.00 945.00

Automatic Operating Vouchers

Automatic Operating vouchers work in exactly the same way as regular vouchers, except they are purchased automatically when your Operating Balance reaches your low watermark level. This is generally set at 20% of your initial payment. Our system then processes a payment for you using the details you have on file.  If you need to change or update the card details, please see Card Payment above.

It's worth noting that if you choose to pay manually, rather than automatically, your number will stop working if your account balance hits zero. You may then be subject to a number reconnection charge to re-activate it.

Automatic Operating Vouchers can only be used if you have selected card or direct debit as your payment method.

To get started, please call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or send us a message