Set Up Premium Rate Number

How to setup your Premium Rate Number

In order for you to set-up any Premium Rate 090 number, you will first need to set yourself up as a service provider by registering your organisation with the Premium Rate regulator Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA).  Once you have done this we will require the following details from you, to progress the service.

Generally Premium rate services can be set up within a day or so providing all the information provided is correct.

  • Email or call us with a brief overview of the service you wish to provide.
  • Open a Callagenix account and provide us with acceptable ID and contact information.
  • Email a copy of your registration "ORG number" and send a copy of your live licence, if your service requires one.
  • Payment of fees.

1. Overview of Service

In the first instance, we suggest you email us a brief overview of the service you wish to provide.  We can quickly advise if prior permission and a certificate is required, or indeed if your service is acceptable, or in need of clarification by the regulator.

You can also contact the regulator for advice and guidance if you are not sure if your service idea is valid or may require a licence. This page on their website should provide further guidance, if not please contact them direct.

It is your responsibility to ensure your service is, and remains, fully compliant with the regulator's code of practice.

2. Open a Callagenix account and provide acceptable ID

To open a Callagenix account, copy or click on the link below and complete your full name, address and contact details once logged into your administration account. Login details will be emailed to you once you have registered.

Required ID

In order to fulfill our obligations with the regulator we will also require the following:

  • Two copies of ID not more than 6 months old. Acceptable forms of ID can be Credit/Debit card statements, Utility bills, Drivers licence, company registration certificate etc...
  • Copy of your UK bank statement where revenue payments will be made. (we can only make payments to UK accounts).
  • Signed copy of the premium rate number order form. This form is needed as it confirms your VAT status and the bank account where any revenues are to be paid.

If scanned and under 1Mb they can be emailed to or faxed to 0333 247 0001.  If faxing please include our Callagenix account number.

  • PSA (Phone-paid Services Authority) contact information. We will also require detailed contact information - landline, mobile, email and postal address) for the person responsible for managing the premium rate service if this is different from the contact details held in your Callagenix account. If requested we may need to pass these details on to the regulator.

3. Registration number and live certificate (if needed)

Once you have completed the on line registration process, you will be emailed a unique service provider number (ORG123245..etc)  Callagenix will need to have a copy of your Service Provider number before any premium rate numbers can be made live.
In addition, if your service requires a prior permission certificate from the regulator we will require a copy of this as well.  After your service has been made live, you will need to register your number in your service provider account.

4. Callagenix fees

When your ID and contact details have been accepted, the following fees need to be paid before any service has been made live.

  • Premium Rate Number setup cost £100.00
  • Premium Rate Service Fee  £255.50 per year,

Revenue Payments

Your first revenue payment will be paid after the month end of the following month when the calls were made in (around 45-60days).  Thereafter payments will be made monthly in arrears. The regulator does not allow payments to be made any earlier.

Payments will be made by bank transfer to the account details given on the number order form. No payments will be made until we have received the signed number order form. VAT will be added to your payments if you are VAT registered and have provided a valid VAT number.

To get started, please call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or send us a message