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When it's not practical to meet in person, a conference call is a great way to get everyone together without the hassle and expense and travel.

In a hurry? Just dial 0333 247 0321 now to set up an instant conference call and be speaking in a just a few minutes time. There's no set up fee, and attendees only pay for the cost of their calls (which may be free as part of an all-inclusive landline or mobile minutes package)

Conference calls (sometimes known as a concall) are great for when you need to get people together to discuss something but a face to face meeting is not practical.

Call Conference Summary

Set up a private conference
  • Meetings without the travel
  • Public Access - no account needed to set up a conference call. Use a PIN to control who can attend. Up to 50 participants.
  • Private Access - available for larger clients. Use your own private number(s) to host the calls. PIN number and CLI access options for security. Can record conferences.

Whether you need an instant conference open to everyone with the access code, or a private conference with secure, restricted access and features like call recording, we have the solution for you.

How does it work?

Setting up a conference call is quick and easy. We offer two types of conference call services:

Public Access

The Public Access conference call facility is suitable for up to 50 participants based in the UK. There is no set-up fee and no need for an account – you just 'call and go'.

To organise a conference, you simply call the number below and select 2 from the options menu. This will provide you with the necessary PIN, which you can then share with anyone you want to attend. At the arranged time, attendees simply call the same number, select 1 from the options menu to join the conference call, and then enter the PIN you have given them to gain access.

Why not try it out now? Just call 0333 247 0321 to get started (UK and overseas callers).

There are no charges to set up the call, attendees simply pay their usual rate for 01, 02 and 03 numbers whilst on the call. If the caller has an all-inclusive minutes package as part of their landline or mobile contract, calls to the 0333 number are included as part of this.

Private Access

The Private Access call conference is a service for clients who want more control over their conference calls. Rather than using the public number, you assign any number in your account to be used for conference calls. For example, this could be an 0800 number so your staff can call in for free. You can even assign multiple numbers, including international numbers, so if you want to include overseas staff and clients, you can.

Private Access callers must enter a PIN to join, and an additional security measure is available in the form of Calling Line Identity (CLI) to ensure that the conference remains confidential.

Private call conferences can be arranged for up to 500 participants and the whole conference can be monitored and controlled via a web-based management system. Through this you can disconnect people, or change their status from ‘speaker’ to ‘listener’ and vice versa. A complete, downloadable recording of the call is also made available, so anyone who missed it can catch up later.

Typical Uses

The Call Conference service can be used on its own or along with other services. Some examples of how it is used are:

  • Meetings where travel costs / time are not justified.
  • Company briefings or announcements.
  • Inter-office call conferences.
  • Quick call conferences with suppliers or third parties.

Other Call Conference Features

The public call Conference service is designed as a simple, eay to use, instant call conference service and does not have any options attached. However, the private call conference service has additional features and can be used in combination with other services, the most popular of which are listed below (some may incur an additional cost):

Private Call Conference (only)


Public Access - No Account Needed

Number Type: 0333
Costs: Call charge only, will be covered by any all-inclusive minutes package
Extras: None


Private Access - Account Required

Number Type: Any number
Costs: 48p/day, calls from 3p/min
Extras: Call recording

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