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Record and store all your inbound and outbound phone calls. Perfect for regulatory purposes or training purposes.

When you need to keep copies of your inbound and outgoing calls for regulatory or other purposes, the Callagenix Call Recording Service is the answer. With secure digital storage and optional fax and voicemail storage, the call recording service means you can archive calls for as long as you need.

Call Recording Overview

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  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Will accept multiple concurrent recording.
  • No restriction on call lengths.
  • No equipment required.
  • Can be used with other Callagenix services (fax & voicemail).
  • Recordings can be stored for as long as needed (3 months minimum requirement).
  • FTP access.
  • Can be set up in a few hours.

It's a simple, no fuss way of making sure you collect all the recordings you want to or are obliged to keep. Once set up, it keeps working for you automatically in the background, so there's no chance you'll forget and miss out on capturing a message you might need later.

How does it work?

Callagenix telephone call recording (not to be confused with voicemail) enables you to record and store all your inbound / outbound telephone calls without the need for expensive and complicated hardware. Each telephone call is securely digitally stored in your Callagenix account for as long as you need.

A powerful and easy search facility allows you to find the recordings of your choice. Once you have identified the recordings, you can listen, download, delete, or continue to archive them.

If you use other Callagenix services you can also store your Voicemails and Faxes as well.

Typical uses

Some examples of the call recording service in use are:

  • Keeping copies of calls for regulatory purposes.
  • Storing calls to help with training.
  • Helps with producing notes after conference calls.

Other Call Recording Features

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Call Recording Service

Number type: Any number (requires another service)
Service rental: £30/month (includes 500mb of storage)
Additional 500mb of storage: £12/month extra

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