Call Recording & MARR

The Message Archiving Recording & Retrieval service by Callagenix. Record and store all your inbound and outbound telephone calls, then quickly and easily retrieve them when needed.

Whether you're legally required to record and store your calls, or you prefer to do so for training purposes or to ensure high standards, our MARR service is for you.

MARR Overview

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  • Recordings accessed easily.
  • No equipment required.
  • No technical knowledge required to use it.
  • No restriction on call lengths.
  • FTP access.

Who is this for?

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Professionally or legally bound to record and keep all conversations?
  • Searching for a way to protect staff from client complaints?
  • Looking to monitor how your staff interact with customers?
  • Or just looking to monitor calls for training purposes?

You wouldn’t send a letter to a client without keeping a copy, so doesn’t it make sense to keep copies of calls as well?

Telephone recording is increasingly becoming a normal part of business. You can use recorded calls to act as a training aid for staff, to investigate client complaints, or to discover how your employees interact with clients on the phone. Information gleaned from your call recordings can be vital piece in helping you understand what's going on in your business.

Using the Callagenix telephone recording service, you can record and store all your inbound or outbound calls, then locate any recordings quickly and easily without the need to buy any additional hardware.

How do I record my calls?

The Call Recording service is actually a supporting service and must be used in conjunction with another service.

Inbound recording

To record your inbound telephone calls you will need to use one of the following services:

Callagenix Virtual Switchboard
Callagenix Group Divert Service
Callagenix Call Divert Service

Outbound recording 

To record your outbound telephone calls you will need to use one of the following services:

Callagenix VoIp Service
Callagenix Call Forward & Record Service

How can I get my recordings?

You can locate any of your telephone recordings by clicking on the Message Archive option in the mailbox menu of your online Callagenix account.

A powerful and easy search facility allows you to find the recordings of your choice based on a range of criteria, such as date, time, number called etc. Once you have identified the recordings you are looking for, you can listen to them, download them, delete them, mark them with a note, or just leave them in the archives.

How long can I store my recordings?

You can store the recordings for any length of time, with a minimum period of 1 month.

Once you have set your storage period, any recordings older than this will automatically be deleted on a daily basis. You can, of course, manually download your recordings, or set up an overnight FTP process.

How much does it cost?

There is a base monthly cost of £25.00 per month (which includes up to 5,000 minutes of recording and storage)

For each additional 5,000 minutes of recording and storage (or part thereof) there is an additional fee of £10.00 per month

Call Recording and MARR Typical Set Up

When setting up the Call Recording and MARR solution, we typically include the following services:


Call Recording & MARR

Number type: Any number (requires another service)
Service rental: £25/month (includes 500mb of storage)
Extras: Increased storage and duration

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