International Call Divert Service

Stay in touch no matter where you are in the world with out International Call Divert service. 

The world is getting smaller and businesses of all sizes are expanding into international markets. This can sometimes make it difficult to stay in touch and ensure that no calls are missed.

International Call Divert Overview

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  • Divert calls from any country, to any country.
  • Divert to a landline or mobile.
  • Calls are pre-announced.
  • Can accept or reject any incoming calls.
  • Stay in touch with your business even when abroad
  • Larger businesses can automatically divert calls to open offices around the world.

Rather than juggling multiple mobile phone numbers and constantly playing phone tag, you can use some straightforward services from Callagenix to create a simple solution to ensure you can always be reached in the right place.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who lives, works or travels abroad, as well as businesses with international offices or those with some sort of overseas presence, such as agents, distributors, or even just advertising.

  • Do you travel extensively for business?
  • Do you live abroad for extended periods but want your UK based clients to be able to contact you on a UK number?
  • Does your business have offices or call centres abroad that you need to connect with your head office?

How does it work?

It all starts with a virtual phone number and a call divert service.

Simply choose a phone number for every country where you want to receive calls (see information on our international phone numbers here), then set up a call redirect to send calls onto any other phone you like (landline or mobile) in just about any country.

For example, if you split your time working in both the UK and China, you would set up a UK number (a standard 01/02 regional number is fine) which diverts to your regular UK landline or mobile whilst you’re in the country, then to your office or mobile in China when you’re staying there.

If you also have contacts in China and you’d like to receive calls from them when you’re in the UK, you can simply do the reverse by setting up a Spanish number and the diverting calls to the UK when required.

There’s no limit to how many international numbers you can have, and you can divert them all to just about any number you want in almost any country.

When you receive a call on an international call divert, this is pre-announced with a short message. This is so you can choose either to take the call or send it direct to voicemail.

Setting up these numbers and call diverts mean that you can easily be contacted anywhere in the world. All your client has to do is call the local number you give them and they will be connected to you. If you’re going to be working in different timezones we also recommend setting up some additional services like the Answerphone (advanced voicemail) service, Time-Of-Day (to automatically handle when you are free to answer calls and when calls should be diverted to answerphone

For larger businesses

Although great as an individual solution, international call diverts can also be scaled up to cover teams of people, or even businesses with multiple offices around the world.

For example, if your business operates globally and you’d like to offer 24/7 support to your customers, you can either divert calls back to a 24/7 UK based call centre, or else set up an office in various locations across the world and divert calls from around the world to whichever is one is open at that time.

This is achieved with the Time-Of-Day service, which enables you to automatically pre-set how calls are handled at different times of the day. where calls are diverted to at different times of the day. Once the call arrives at a certain location, you can then further specify how it is handled, depending on where it has originated, what the current call volume is etc.

Services such as the Group Divert can be used to distribute calls amongst operatives, call queueing can be used to ensure no calls are disconnected, and the answerphone service offers callers the option of leaving a message should call volume or wait times be particularly high.

To further cut your call costs and integrate all your offices into one phone system, we’d also recommend talking to us about our enterprise-grade VoIP service, which routes your calls over a superfast internet connection.

Setting up the services

Setting up all of the services is straightforward via your Callagenix account. You simply log in, choose the services you wish to amend and then update the relevant details. For example, if you are travelling to Germany and want all calls made to your UK landline number diverted to your local office there, you simply add in the relevant phone number to divert calls to you as they come in. You can choose when to start the redirect and when to send calls to voicemail instead.

Setting up more complex arrangements is also straightforward, although obviously it will take more time to plan and set up. We’re happy to help with this where required. We also have an API available should you need to more deeply integrate your system with ours.

International Call Divert Typical Set Up

A simple International Call Divert solution typically includes the following services (below). More complex, bespoke solutions are also possible.

So, how much does this all cost?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to costs, such as where calls are diverted to and when.

The person making the call will simply pay their standard rate for calling the number type you have chosen. For example, if you’re using an 01/02 regional number as your contact / divert number, they will only be charged for making a standard call no matter where in the world you may be.

As the operator of the redirect service, you will be responsible for the costs of forwarding the call on to whichever number you choose to receive it on. We recommend you get in touch with us to discuss what you have in mind so we can give you an estimate of the cost involved.

The cost of running the redirect itself is covered in your monthly service charge, with any call costs being in addition to this.


International Call Divert

Number type: Any
Service rental: 40p/day to 70p/day, depending on set up.
Options: Typically Answerphone and Fax-to-Email as standard, more available.

To discuss the options available and the likely costs of diverting the calls abroad, please contact us for an informal chat.

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here