Multi-Call Queuing Package

Divert callers to a single number or group of numbers including queuing and on-hold music.

A key component of good customer service is how incoming calls are handled. Using a specially chosen mix of Callagenix services, the Multi Call solution enables you to manage every call you receive exactly how you want to.

Multi-Call Queueing Overview

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  • Handle multiple callers at the same time.
  • Redirect calls to a single number or group.
  • All calls are pre-announced.
  • Support for out of hours services.
  • Handle faxes and voice calls separately.

Having this solution in place is a great way to improve your customer's experience when they call you. If you've invested money in advertising to encourage people to call you, the last thing you want to happen is to then lose them at the final hurdle by having them constantly getting an engaged tone.

Most people are happy to wait to speak to a sales or customer service representative as long as they are reassured that the call will be answered and they will be put through to someone who can help.

The Multi-Call Queuing Package enables you to put in place a customisable customer care solution to best suit your requirements. You can set up systems to better serve your customers and help them get the support they need as fast as possible.

How does it work?

Simply select a UK or international phone number to use with this service, then specify precisely how you would like calls to be handled. Callers can be greeted with a message, which can be uploaded as a recording or by using our ‘text to voice’ online service. On-Hold music can also be uploaded. 

All incoming calls will be identified as voice or fax calls and redirected according to your specifications. Using our online management system, numbers can easily be added or removed from hunt groups, redirected or call pathways altered.

With the Callagenix multi-call package callers will never hear an engaged tone, as they will always be connected straight through to your services.

Typical Users

  • Businesses which regularly receive multiple calls
  • Businesses who need to direct voice or fax calls to the appropriate receiver
  • Businesses who believe in managing the caller experience

Multi-Call Queuing Typical Set Up

When setting up the Multi-Call Queuing solution, we typically include the following services:


Multi-Call Queuing Package

Number type: Any
Service rental: 80p/day
Options: Bespoke set up

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