Small Business

Every small business is different, but with our wide range of numbers and services you can create the perfect phone service to help your business grow.

You can pick and mix from our range of numbers and services to build the phone service you really need. Our services are easy to set up and use, and you can edit them yourself at any time to adapt to your changing requirements.

By choosing Callagenix, you get a fully featured phone system that allows you to remain agile and flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities that come your way. And as the system is hosted, you don't need to buy any expensive hardware as everything is handled by us.

Small Business Solutions

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  • Choose from our wide range of UK and international numbers, or keep your existing number
  • Combine our services in any way you like to create the phone service you really need
  • Add, edit or remove numbers and services at any time to respond to your business's changing requirements
  • Connect home-workers or staff at multiple sites under one system
  • Make things as simple or as sophisticated as you want
  • Fix your monthly phone costs with our all-inclusive VoIP packages (calls, line rental, numbers, services, hardware)
  • Never miss a call again!

How does it work?

Phone numbers

It all starts with a phone number, or numbers if you'd like more than one.

You can choose from our wide range of UK numbers and international numbers (if you do business abroad), and you can also keep your existing BT number by porting it to us.

For example, you could have an 01 / 02 number as your main contact number, an 0800 freephone number to use in your promotional literature, and then an 084, 087 or even an 090 premium rate number for your support line (some restrictions may apply).

If you do business overseas you could also add in, say, a Paris number for your French customers and a Munich number for your German customers. Calls to these numbers could either be answered locally if you have staff there, or else you could divert them to specialist language teams back in the UK.


Your phone numbers are then connected to one or more of our services, allowing you to handle the call in any way you want.

For example, if you just need a simple solution you might divert all calls to your numbers onto an existing landline number, or your mobile. You could also send it to our Answerphone service, which is an advanced voicemail service that also immediately emails you a copy of your messsages as a .wav audio file attachment.

With our range of services, you can make your phone system as simple or as sophisticated as you want.

Other popular services for small businesses include:

The virtual switchboard, which lets you handle calls any way you wish. Set up call waiting, menus, customisable message prompts, 24 hour call handling and much more. The virtual switchboard can handle thousands of calls each hour and has all the functionality of an expensive physical pbx at a fraction of the cost.

The time of day service, which lets you configure up to 7 customisable time slots (over 7 days, 24 hours) to automatically determine how calls are handled depending on when they are received. A good example is to have it set up so all calls received after 5.30pm automatically go to voicemail. If you have team of support staff on different shifts (or even in different call centres around the world), you could set it up to automatically divert all calls to the team on duty.

The group divert service, which allows you to distribute calls to a group of designated extensions, such as a sales team or customer service team. you can set the order of priority for each phone, or just share all calls evenly. You can also set up rules so, for example, if call volume is high, excess calls are either sent to a back-up hunt group, to voicemail, or however else you specify.


Also popular amongst small business owners is our VoIP service. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol, which basically means phone calls made over the internet. 

Our business-grade VoIP service is rock-solid reliable with crystal clear call quality, indistinguishable from 'regular' phone calls. Most phone calls today are routed over the internet at some point and VoIP is definitely the future of telephony.

Setting up a Callagenix VoIP service is quick and easy - all you need is a fast and relaible broadband connection (we recommend a dedicated line to avoid any possibility of call quality being affected by other internet usage, such as downloading a large file etc.). It also lets you easily connect multiple sites, home-workers and even mobile phones (via a free app) under one system, with free internal calls.

VoIP is also incredibly good value as you'll save money on line rental, hardware costs and call charges.

Typically you can expect to run five or more concurrent VoIP phones on one BT line, depending on the broadband speed.

With Callagenix you can choose from our pay-as-you-go service, or our VoIPinclusive package that includes all your calls, line rental, numbers, services, and hardware for a fixed monthly price. It's amazing value and helps you by lowering your monthly phone costs and making them predictable.

Typical Uses

  • Use promotional numbers (such as 0800 or 0333 numbers) to attract new customers
  • Use the group divert service to distribute calls directly to teams best placed to handle them. 
  • Automate when you take calls live and when you handle them in a different, pre-determined way using the time of day service
  • Enjoy a fully featured phone service and a lower phone bill by switching your business to our modern business-grade VoIP service.

Small Business Typical Set Up

When setting up a solution for small businesses, we typically include the following services:


The price can vary depending on the numbers and services you choose, as well as how many calls you make and receive. Some of our solutions are even totally free.

Typically a small business service with all the options will cost only 80p/day, plus any call charges. We recommend that you contact us for a chat, so we can help you decide what's right for you and also provide you with a cost estimate.

We're confident that choosing Callagenix will save you money when compared to a traditional phone system. These savings can sometimes be substantial. You'll also have access to more options and functionality than before, plus the flexibility to easily add to your phone service as your company grows.

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