Our numbers and services are perfect for start-ups, offering flexibility, scalability, and location independence - at a great value price (some are even free of charge).

Starting a new business can be tough, with long hours, financial constraints and constant pressure to get new customers through the door.

At least with Callagenix your phone system is one less thing to worry about. Choose a number (or use your existing one) and then connect it to our range of services. Start small and add on new services and features as you need them, with no disruption and no initial outlay on expensive PBX hardware.

Benefits for Start-Ups

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  • Range of UK and international numbers to suit your new business
  • Flexible services allow you to set things up how you want and make changes as required
  • Our services are very scalable - you can add new numbers, services, users, extensions and mailboxes whenever you want without it affecting your existing set up.
  • Location independent - our numbers and services are cloud hosted, rather than being tied to a specific location. This makes it easy to move premises or work from home with no hassle.
  • Great value - get every feature and service you need for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system

Why choose Callagenix for your start-up?

No matter what stage you're at with your new business, we have the services and features you need, right now. We also have everything you'll need going forward, as your business develops and expands.

All our numbers and services work perfectly together and you can add in new elements whenever you need them. Think of them as building blocks you can use to build your ideal phone service. Just add in new one when you want it - no fuss, no hassle, no need to buy more expensive pbx hardware, no need to switch to a new supplier.

The advantages to start-ups can be summarised, as follows:

Flexibility - set things up however you want, then easily make changes when you want to through your online control panel. For example, when a new member of staff joins, you can set up a new extension and have certain calls directed to them and add on an Answerphone service for their messages.

If your new hire starts working at home a couple of days a week just set up a call divert to their phone there (landline, mobile or IP phone, if you have VoIP) and let them log each extension on and off depending on where they're working that day.

Scalability - as your business grows, your phone service needs to grow with it. Callagenix services are quick to scale and can grow with your business, no matter how fast you expand! You might start with a simple call divert to your home landline (use an 0844 number with our Basic service and it's totally free too!), then move into a shared working space with your co-founders, before moving into your own premises a few months later.

At every stage you keep the same number and just add new users and extensions as you need them. Maybe later you'll recruit teams of sales reps and customer service staff to take calls, possibly across multiple sites or even countries.

With Callagenix that's not a problem - just add extra services like a virtual switchboard to handle your calls, group diverts to distribute calls to each team (in an order of priority you specify), and the time-of-day service to automate your call handling depending on when the call reaches you.

Location independence - as mentioned above, it's easy to move premises with minimum fuss when you're with Callagenix. your number(s) and services are hosted in the cloud and can be directed to any physical location by adjusting the settings in your online control panel (typically you just type in the new number).

It's also easy to integrate home-workers and freelancers with your phone system. Just set up an new extension and divert calls to them.

If you are using our VoIP service each home-worker could have a VoIP phone and make free VoIP to VoIP calls with anyone else in the company. One hidden advantage to this location independence is that your phone system already has built in disaster recovery / business continuity features.

As your numbers and services are not tied to a specific location it's easy to divert calls elsewhere or handle them differently in the event your offices are hot by a flood, fit, or other disaster. Keeping the phone lines open and being able to keep in touch with clients and suppliers could be the difference between your company surviving or going under if disaster strikes.

Great value - as a new business you're understandably keen to keep costs as low as possible. With Callagenix there's no need to sacrifice quality or convenience to do this, as our services are great value. Not only is there no need to buy any expensive PBX hardware (or virtual PBX is cloud hosted, like all our services and numbers), but we also offer great call rates. If you choose to use our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol - internet phone calls) service, we can also save you money on your line rental as multiple lines can all use a single broadband connection.

If you want to fix your monthly phone costs you should also consider our VoIPinclusive package too - all your calls, line rental, numbers, services and equipment (VoIP phone handsets etc.) for one low monthly fee. It's a great way to save money and make your outgoings more reliable.

Typical Set Up for Start-Ups

When setting up a solution for a start-up, we typically include the following services:


How much your service will cost will depend on many factors, such as the numbers you choose, the services you want to use and how many calls you make and receive.

You can start off for free with an 0844 number and our Basic service and add to your service from there when you need to. To give you a rough idea, a typical small business phone system with all the services and features you need will usually cost only 70p/day, plus any call costs.

The best thing to do is to call us for a chat. We'll put together a recommendation based on your requirements and also advise on the likely costs.

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here