Straight Divert

Divert callers through to a single specified telephone number with Straight Divert.

When you move around but need to stay in touch, the Callagenix Straight Divert service is the solution for you. With a specially chosen mix of Callagenix services, the Straight Divert solution allows you to transfer your calls to any UK or international landline or mobile phone number.

Straight Divert Overview

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  • Divert to UK landline, mobile or international.
  • Change the destination number as often as needed.
  • Auto fax recognition.
  • Customisable recorded announcement.
  • 24/7 control.
  • Online management and monitoring system.

How does it work?

To start, all you have to do is set up a virtual number from callagenix. This is usually a regional 01 or 02 number, but there's no reason why you can't choose a non-geographic number like an 03 or 0844 / 0800 / 0871 or other range instead. When you have set up your number, you then specify an existing UK or international landline or mobile phone number to use with this service, such as your regular office or mobile number.

Whenever somebody calls your Callagenix number, their call will automatically be diverted to your designated number instead. Once the system has been set up, you have full control over all the options and can and change the destination number at any time, either through your online control panel or by calling our customer services team.

You can also set the ringtone or message that callers hear when they are first connected. Each caller can be pre-announced so you can decide whether or not to answer (or how to answer it). If you are engaged, or do not want to take the call, you can transfer the calls on to another telephone number or to voicemail.

Typical Uses

  • Divert calls to your number on to a mobile number, so you can be contacted anywhere.
  • Divert calls to your number to a landline at your current location, e.g. when you are working in another office.

Straight Divert Typical Set Up

When setting up the Straight Divert solution, we typically include the following services:


Straight Divert

Number type: Any number
Attached to a live number as its primary service: 40p/day
Used in conjunction with other services: Free

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