Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant solutions - work from wherever you want.

Virtual Assistant, Virtual Personal Assistant, Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Administrative Assistant – whatever your job title and whatever role you perform, flexible home based roles are becoming more and more common as technology opens up opportunites to become location independent.

If you are offering virtual PA services, it really pays to present a professional image to your clients if you want to be taken seriously. This is where Callagenix can help - whether you are a lone, home-based VA / PA, or if you run a team of VA’s to look after your clients, having the right phone systems in place can make you look good and help you provide a flexible, reliable solution to your clients.

Virtual Assistant Overview

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  • All calls are pre-announced so you know how to answer them.
  • No hardware or software required, just a phone.
  • Detailed cost information included so you can bill your clients.
  • Live Wallboard

You can provide a custom phone answering service to your customers without having to buy expensive switchboard hardware, or installing multiple BT lines.

How does it work?

Each client has their own telephone number provided by Callagenix, such as local number or a Freephone number, through which they send their calls to you. These inbound calls are pre-announced to you via a ‘whisper message’ when you answer the phone, so you can greet the caller in the name of the relevant client. This enables you to work for multiple clients without the need to install additional telephone lines.

For companies offering VA services, inbound calls from clients can be routed to any of your Virtual Assistants, regardless of where they are located. You can group your VA’s together and share out incoming calls equally between them, route calls directly to a specified VA, or set an order of priority where, for example, some VA’s only receive calls when call volume is high and the front line VA’s are already occupied.

In addition, if you manage multiple VA’s you can keep an eye on call volume and the status of each VA on your PC using the ‘Wallboard’ feature included with your package.


The Callagenix system offers detailed reporting at no extra charge. You can use these to compile and provide billing information for each of your clients. If you manage multiple VA’s, you can also use the reporting feature to track the calls sent to them and see when they logged on and off.


  • Single VA services start at 40p per day
  • Multiple VA services start at 70p per day


If your VA service has 3 or more clients, we can offer a discount off the service fee. The more clients you have, the lower the service fee. Please contact us for more details.

Virtual Assistant Typical Set Up

When setting up the Virtual Assistant solution, we typically include the following services:


Virtual Assistant

Number type: Any
Attached to number: 40p/day
Multiple VAs: 70p/day

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