VOIP Pricing

Switch your phone system to a business class VoIP service to benefit from a fully featured, modern phone system at a very attractive price.

Set-up cost

When adding IP telephony to your Callagenix account, the only upfront cost relates to the purchase of an IP telephony device. This does not need to be purchased from Callagenix and you can even use a Softphone in place of an actual phone if you like.

VoIP Pricing Overview

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  • IP to IP free of charge
  • Low rates for all destinations
  • No charges if phone not used
  • Multiple phones registered at no extra cost
  • Supports industry standard devices

Callagenix does not charge for setting up your IP telephony service, or for any customer support.

Payment for our VoIP service is debited from the your account’s operating balance, so you will need to ensure you have an appropriate payment method in place to top up the operating balance as and when required.

Rental or usage cost

You can register as many IP telephony service numbers and devices as you need. Devices which are set up but not used to make outbound calls or receive inbound calls incur no charge. However, you can still use them to make IP to IP calls on your internal network at no charge. This makes VoIP a great way to keep in touch with colleagues for free, no matter where they may be.

If you use an IP telephony service to either make or receive a call that is not part of your own IP service, then a 30p usage charge is applied for that day.

In practice, this means you can register devices for home, mobile and multiple offices and you'll only be charged if they are actually used. For example, in one week you may use one office device on 5 days, your home device on 3 days, but not use a second office devive or your mobile devices at all, in which case you would only pay 5 x 30p, plus 3 x 30p for that week (total of 8 x 30p, or £2.40).

Receiving inbound calls

The cost of inbound calls will vary according to the source:

  • Calls forwarded from an Advanced service would be mainly free of charge with no per minute call cost, but would trigger a one day 30p charge for that IP telephony number.
  • Calls from another Callagenix IP Telephone would be free of charge with no per minute cost and would not trigger the daily charge for either IP number.

If you have a Callagenix number using an Advanced service diverting calls to your IP telephony number, you will only face a cost or revenue for the inbound number, for example:

Inbound calls from another Callagenix IP telephone Free of charge
Inbound calls from a Callagenix 0871 number We pay you the full revenue
Inbound calls from a Callagenix 0845 number Free of charge
Inbound calls from a Callagenix 0844 number Free of charge
Inbound calls from a Callagenix UK 01 & 02 numbers 2p per min

Making outbound calls

You can use your IP telephony registered device to make calls the same as with a with a regular phone.

The cost of these calls is debited from your account's operating balance and will vary depending upon the number range you call. The following table outlines the costs:

Callagenix IP telephone call to any other Callagenix IP telephone Free of charge
Callagenix IP telephone to outside world UK and International rates 
Check call cost using Divert Cost calculator

Pricing summary

There are no specific IP telephony setup costs or fixed monthly rental charges (other than that for any Callagenix Advanced service you are using). The only specific IP telephone charge is a usage cost of 30p per day if an IP telephone is used to make or receive a call from a service or to a non Callagenix IP phone.

For example, unlike other Voip providers who charge a monthly fee per IP device, you could have 10 x IP phones but you only pay for the ones you use. If you don’t use it, you don’t get charged!

Once your account has been set up for Voip IP telephony you are automatically allocated 10 consecutive IP telephone numbers. Additional numbers are freely available upon request.You may have multiple IP numbers set up on your account at no cost.

Any usage and charges incurred are debited from your operating balance in the usual manner on a daily basis. They will appear in the Charge Log data file as an IP telephony charge.

If you have any questions on our VoIP service and how much it will cost please get in touch and we'll be happy to explain and work out the likely costs for you.

To get started with VoIP, please call +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here.