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With Caller Select you can set individual rules to handle calls differently based on the caller's number.

When you want more flexibility in how you treat different types of caller, the Callagenix Caller Select call routing service is the answer for you.

Caller Select Overview

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  • Handle every call differently, depending on the number you are called from.
  • Record a personalised message only specified clients will hear when they call in.
  • Handle withheld numbers separately.
  • Compatible with all other services.
  • Help with nuisance callers.

This powerful service puts you in control of your call handling processes, allowing you to run different services based on the caller's number. This can help you prioritise certain customers or block unwanted calls or caller withheld numbers. 

How does it work?

All you need to do is to log on to your Callagenix account and set up rules to deal with each recognised number. All UK numbers and international numbers will work with Caller Select, provided the number is not withheld.

Caller Select can be integrated with all Callagenix services. Used in conjunction with the Callagenix company switchboard option, Regular callers calling in from the same number each time can be automatically routed to their personal account managers without the need to select a department each time they call. This saves them time and hassle and helps create a favourable impression with your best clients. You can even leave a recorded message to be picked up only by a single client if they phone in.

The Caller Select number can also be used in conjunction with our Private Call Conference service so only calls from specified phone numbers (e.g. the directors’ home numbers) are allowed access.

If you are in the unfortunate position of receiving nuisance calls, Caller Select can help you by blocking unwanted calls. When you get a caller withheld number, or an unrecognised one, you can block calls from them by changing your settings. You could also choose to play a message only to withheld numbers, stating that you do not accept calls from withheld numbers.

If you know the specific number they are calling from you can set up call barring on that number too.

Typical Uses

The Caller Select service must be used in conjunction with another service. Some examples of how the Caller Select service is used are:

  • Calls from key clients are automatically diverted to their chosen contact.
  • As an extra layer of protection on private conference calls
  • To block nuisance callers.

Other Caller Select Features

The Caller Select service is not like most other services, in that it doesn't handle calls directly. Instead, it acts as a filter that screens calls based on the number they originate from, then automatically handles them according to rules you set up.

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Caller Select Service

Number Type: Any number
Attached to a live number as its primary service: 80p/day
Used in conjunction with other services: Free

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