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Access your faxes via email or online without using a fax machine.

The Fax to Email service converts any incoming fax to a pdf and tiff files, then emails them direct to your inbox. With optional SMS notification and fax retrieval via email or your online control panel, the Fax to E-mail service is a simple and reliable solution.

Fax to Email Overview

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  • No hardware, paper or toner required.
  • Notification by email with fax attached as a pdf and tiff.
  • Retrieve your faxes online or by email.
  • All faxes are stored in a mailbox.
  • Can handle multiple faxes simultaneously.
  • OCR capabilities when combined with the MARR service

How does it work?

A Fax to Email service is far more than a normal phone line with a fax machine at the end of it. Rather than being printed out, your faxes are sent directly to your email inbox as pdf attachment. A copy is also stored in your online account for a limited time. The service will accept all inbound faxes to your number and can also be set up to return a customised acknowledgement message.

You can run your Fax to Email service with any Callagenix number, ported number, or Callagenix service that plays a welcome message . Set up fax to email free in your online control panel and test it out before you set it live. The service is hosted by us, so you can receive multiple faxes all at the same time. What’s more, you never have to worry about running out of paper or toner. Your faxes are saved in both pdf and TIFF format so they can be easily stored or printed out if required.

Your files are stored in your online mailbox for up to 14 days, but if you need longer we can provide this through the the Callagenix MARR (Message Archive Recording and Retrieval) service. Using MARR also gives you the facility to search using OCR.

If you’re waiting for an urgent fax, you can set the system to contact you automatically by email or text as soon as it arrives. Alternatively, you can have the attachment sent direct to your PC or smartphone via email. 

Voice and fax calls can be recognised and treated differently, so you can use the same number for both. For example, using a single telephone number your customer calls could be diverted to a member of staff, while faxes are diverted to a mailbox.

Typical Uses

The Fax to Email service can be used on its own or alongside other services. Some examples of how the service is used are:

  • You want to receive faxes but don't want to have to buy a fax machine to do so.
  • You're working away from the office but still want to see faxes when they come in. 
  • You need to know as soon as a fax arrives.
  • You want to store your faxes online to retrieve later.

Other Fax to Email Features

The Fax to Email service comes with a number of other services and features built in. It is also generally used alongside several others, the most popular of which are listed below (some may incur an additional cost):


Fax to Email Service

Number type: Any Number
Attached to a live number as its primary service: 48p/day
Used in conjunction with other services: Free

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