Emergency failover PBX telephone systems

The right emergency failover and disaster recovery for you

When it comes to disaster recovery, we’ve got your number. Our Emergency Failover solution is a cloud-based PBX system, suitable for medium to large organizations. The system replicates your existing phone systems but is also programmed with your disaster recovery emergency routing destinations like the failover office and staff home or mobile numbers.

We know that no two business requirements are the same. So we will work with your business continuity team to design the right solution for you - with the right combination of telephone services to integrate with and complement your disaster recovery strategy.

Once you have specified the plan that best suits your needs, your disaster recovery telephone service will remain dormant until you declare an emergency or implement a scheduled test.

When an emergency is declared, you can trigger your failover service manually or, if your main number is hosted with Callagenix, it can be initiated automatically. During the crisis, our solution will keep your organisation’s communications running. Once the emergency is over, you simply switch back to your own internal systems. What’s more, the flexibility of our services and systems means you can monitor your calls remotely and make changes in real time to adapt to events as they unfold.


Business Continuity costs plans will depend upon the scale and complexity of your requirements. Entry level costs start from £200.75 per year.

Take advantage of our free test facilities and see how our business continuity solution can keep your organisation running when it matters.