Telephony API solutions

Take advantage of our API if you regularly update large volumes of numbers and services, or frequently update a small number.

Our API gives you the power to script updates to your Callagenix services when manual updates would be unmanageable or time-consuming.

For example, many chauffeur companies use the API to give their clients a contact number for a driver, often weeks in advance. On the day of the job, the driver’s mobile is automatically connected to the number given to the client. This one number can cover multiple drivers in more than one country.

The API allows a web or system developer to script changes to your Callagenix solutions and numbers via a simple HTML page, a third-party application or an internal system. This allows you to control your Callagenix services - such as updating routing, numbers, prompts or extensions - without having to login.

Some of the benefits of our API include:

  • Script management of your services.
  • The ability to link your Callagenix services to your internal systems.
  • Savings on manpower.
  • Making complex processes simple to implement.
  • Simplified management when thousands of services or numbers are involved

Discover how you can make the most of our API here.