090 Premium-rate phone numbers

Start generating revenue from incoming calls with a premium-rate number. 090 premium-rate numbers are designated revenue-sharing numbers, which means you get paid whenever somebody calls you.

Callagenix has a range of 090 numbers with rates ranging from 10p to £1.50 a minute. In addition, for specialist premium-rate services, we have a selection of pence-per-call premium-rate numbers. These are often used for voting lines where the call duration cannot exceed 60 seconds.


Typical use cases

The most popular uses of 090 premium-rate numbers are for technical support, tipster and competition lines. Support lines are the most common as they are used to generate revenue or to help fund support departments. In some cases, clients offer a premium-rate line as an alternative to a support contract.

We do not offer 090 numbers for adult chat lines.


How much will the caller pay and where will the numbers work?

The cost of calls made to 090 numbers varies, as it is made up of two costs. Each prefix has a fixed cost regulated by Ofcom. The other cost varies depending upon the callers service provider’s “access charge”. 

For a complete list of pence per minute (ppm) and pence per call (ppc) please click here.

Although you can route the calls anywhere to any phone in the world, 090 numbers can be called only from inside the UK.

In all cases you will need to register with the premium rate regulator and supply us with your registration number.  UK Premium Rate Regulator's site

Please contact us to outline the type of service you wish to run with a premium-rate number.   We will then email you with a detailed response including a list of requirements needed to set up your service.