Emergency staff telephone lines

Our emergency staff lines can be structured to work with your business continuity plans whatever the size of your organisation, and are specifically tailored to accommodate high concurrent call volumes over a short period of time.

The lines operate outside of your existing telephone infrastructure and can be specifically designed to the needs and scale of your organisation, with particular attention given to accommodate the amount of simultaneous callers you might need.This ensures the number is never engaged during an emergency.

The service is very simple to set up and use. When not in active use, a default message informs callers that there are no incidents to report.

When an emergency is declared, an authorised member of staff with the correct security PIN can record a new message - like recording a voicemail - with the latest emergency information. Your staff and customers can then call in on the dedicated number to find out exactly what’s going on and what they should do next.

The line can be a single number if you are based in one country or multiple numbers for multiple countries. (link to international numbers). The solution can also be tailored to include hidden options like voicemail or to allow designated callers to connect to the business continuity team.

The Callagenix Emergency Information Line is the ideal solution if disaster strikes and you need to communicate quickly and efficiently with your staff and your customers.



Emergency staff lines prices start from as little as £200.75 Per year. The final cost will depend upon how many staff you have and what type of number you wish to use.


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