International Number Porting

Keep your existing numbers when you switch to Callagenix as your service provider to take advantage of our expert solutions and competitive rates.

We are expert at international number porting, able to cover almost all countries in which we offer our number solutions, with no loss of service.

Number porting is a relatively straightforward process. All we need to know is the number you want to port and a copy of your bill. Your existing service provider cannot stop you. You do not even have to notify them. But you will need to settle any outstanding bills.

The porting process usually takes no more than seven days if all the information you provide is correct. The actual changeover happens in an instant overnight and there is no loss of service.


In most cases, international number porting is free of charge, however for some countries a small one-off charge is due.

If you are not sure, or need more advice, then call our team, or click on the Enquire button below.