Direct Ferries

Direct Ferries

Use local numbers in Europe, implement Voip IP and reduce costs


Services - Voip IP, Group Diverts, Switchboards and UK & International numbers

Direct Ferries are Europe’s leading ferry retailer and one of Europe’s leading independent specialist travel providers.

They offer instant, real time access to 1000's of scheduled crossings both on and offline, operating from 3 Reservation Centres in the UK and one in Switzerland.

Some of the key business issues Direct Ferries had to deal with:

  • Should they invest thousands in new PBX hardware?
  • How could they easily connect the current UK and Swiss reservation centres together?
  • How could they quickly open new offices and connect together at a minimal cost?
  • How could they reduce telephone line costs and remain scalable?

Direct Ferries were quoted in excess of £80,000 when faced with replacing their existing Cisco PBX hardware. In addition, they identified some further service options which required additional investment. Against a PBX capital outlay of in excess of £100K Callagenix were able to demonstrate that the Callagenix Group divert service running over a mixture of standard T1 copper and IP lines would give Direct Ferries all the capabilities they were looking for at a fraction of the cost.

UK and International Numbers

As all Callagenix telephone services are hosted they were able to supply a range of UK and international contact numbers that when called would divert to any of the reservation centres regardless of location. Incoming calls were routed by language to the appropriate reservation groups, with overflow routing to other groups during periods of high demand.

When a new reservation centre is planned, Direct Ferries need only to budget for one BT line and broadband connection. The size of the broadband connection depends upon the number of reservation centre agents/handsets. Larger reservation centres may require multiple broadband connections for capacity and resilience.

In the “old” way of setting up their reservation centres (or contact centres) as part of buying their PBX hardware Direct Ferries had to predict and commit to a number of telephone circuits/lines from their provider. In addition to the PBX capital outlay and associated running costs, they were also tied into long and expensive circuit/line contracts.

Using Callagenix hosted Voip IP services has provided Direct Ferries with all the capabilities needed to run their reservation centres, made it very easy, quick and inexpensive to open new centres and dramatically reduced costs.

James Shopland, Direct Ferries Reservation Centre Manager, said…

In a rapidly growing market, using Callagenix services allows us to quickly and easily expand and adapt our phone network at the minimal cost of an additional telephone without the need for a PBX engineer to make the changes like you usually need with a traditional system. One of the main advantages of using Callagenix service is the online based management facility.

Changes can be made in an easy online environment from any PC and all without the need for the usual intervention from the supplier of your PBX system. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to any company, small or large looking to join the low cost telephony revolution.