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Brazil Dialling Code : +55

Available Number Types for Brazil

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Freephone / Toll Free

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Overview of Telephone Numbers for Brazil

Number Types Due to some interconnection issues, Porto Alegre local numbers (area code 51) may not be reachable from some PSTN/Mobile carriers inside and outside Brazil.
Due to some interconnection issues, Salvador Local numbers (area code 71) may not be reachable from some Mobile carriers inside Brazil.
Reachability issues have been reported when dialling the 85 numbers from outside Brazil.

ITFS access from most mobile networks is available at premium rate.
There are 41 mobile operators in Brazil. The mobile numbers all start with first digit 9 after the city/area code. Even with the premium access, some mobile operators block the access. However, the customer is free to authorize the mobile operator to unblock it. Other mobile operators block the access for 3/6 months and, depending on the customer profile (bill payment on the right date, fidelity, etc), unblock it after that period. So, IFS numbers accessibility depends on each mobile operators procedures. No Airtime is charged for mobile access.
Payphones: Access from public payphones not consistently available as it is only provided by the Brazilian regional telephone companies. ITFS might not be available from some payphones.

National / Regional / Local numbers can be called from outside of this country, providing the international country code is used.
Available Brazil Phone Services Virtual Switchboard, Answer Phone, Call Diversion, Group Divert, Fax To Email, Call Conference, Call recording & Storage Read more »
Notes and Restrictions There are no legal restrictions that we are aware of apart from a STFC license is needed for calling card applications.