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Colombia Dialling Code : +57

Available Number Types for Colombia

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Freephone / Toll Free

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Overview of Telephone Numbers for Colombia

Number Types Freephone ITFS 0800 numbers may not be reachable from all mobile and payphone networks.
Freephone ITFS 0800 numbers can only be called from inside this country.
Customers can dial from any phone with access to the National Automatic Network, including any residential, commercial or payphones.

UIFN numbers can be called inside and outside this country.
UIFN numbers may not be accessible from all mobile networks.

National / Regional / Local numbers can be called from outside of this country, providing the international country code is used.

For National and Regional numbers an SLA is not available due to the regulatory environment in the region and the services may be disconnected at any time.
Available Colombia Phone Services Virtual Switchboard, Answer Phone, Call Diversion, Group Divert, Fax To Email, Call Conference, Call recording & Storage Read more »
Notes and Restrictions For Toll Free Freephone numbers a letter required at time of order from customer stating purpose of using the number. This needs to be sent to sales@callagenix.com if scanned, or faxed to +44 870 626 0626.
Freephone Toll Free numbers and Regional / National numbers cannot be used for calling card applications.