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Setting Up International Virtual Phone Numbers

Setting Up International Virtual Phone Numbers

Now is the perfect time to start setting up your international phone numbers. 

The UK may have left the European Union, but we are now in the transition period so there is still certainty on the procedures and costs involved. By the time the UK and the EU have finished thrashing out a trade deal the landscape may have changed, quite possibly making it harder and more expensive to set up virtual phone numbers across the continent.

If your business has customers or partners abroad, then you should definitely consider setting up phone numbers in the countries you operate in now to ensure continuity and to make it easy for customers to contact you.

Requirements and availability

The requirements and availability of virtual numbers can vary greatly from country to country. Some countries make it easy to set up all types of virtual numbers, whereas others require you to jump through hoops to get the number you want. Some are even more restrictive, only allowing certain number ranges to be released once stringent conditions have been met, such as requiring you to have a physical office in the area where you want a number.

Thankfully for you, here at Callagenix we’re well versed in what is required in each country (we provide all types of numbers in over 100 countries across the world). We can advise you on the options available, the costs involved, and any other considerations you need to be aware of. We’re experts at helping businesses of all types and sizes get the best solution for their situation.

Number ranges

The types of number ranges available vary from country to country as well. For example, it may be straightforward to set up a standard regional number somewhere, but trying to set up a premium rate number, or a toll-free number may prove more troublesome.

Another option to consider if you’re looking to boost the number of calls you get, is to set up a Universal International Freephone Number. This number can be used in participating countries across Europe and involves selecting a freephone number that remains standard across all those countries. The freephone prefix may vary in each country, but the main root number stays the same. This can be preferable to setting up a different number in each country.

Call handling

Of course, setting up your international virtual numbers is only part of the process. You then need to decide how you’re going to handle the calls you receive. With Callagenix that part is easy. With our simple to use, yet sophisticated call handling services, you can do pretty much whatever you want with them.

Some examples from our existing customers include:

  • diverting calls, to a local partners
  • diverting calls to a specialist foreign language support team in the UK
  • routing calls to call centres around the world based on when the call is received using a ‘follow the sun’ setting that automatically diverts calls to the support centre on shift at that time
  • transferring calls to an automated call tree, where callers navigate a menu of options to get the information and outcome they require.

Whatever you want to do with your incoming calls, we can set that up for you.

Get started today

Setting up international numbers for your business may not always be straightforward, but at Callagenix we make it as simple as possible. Speak to one of our experts today to find out what’s involved and how fast we can help get you up and running.