Awarding enterprise

After the year that we’ve just had someone might be forgiven for thinking that the only businesses thriving would be those who are involved in delivering Covid solutions. And it is true that a number of businesses and business sectors have been hit badly by the lockdowns. On the other hand, businesses have also shown how adaptable they can be; bringing in covid safe operations, enabling their people to work from home, and opening up business telephone and internet solutions for their customers.

Danger: Scam calls ahead

In a digital world we’d like to think that we were able to spot scam or phishing attempts. But the fact that the police and others regularly need to issue warnings indicates that sadly some fake calls are still getting through. Not that that’s really surprising. The scammers are getting ever more sophisticated in their methods, choosing subjects which we may encounter in our daily lives and using psychology to trick us into complying.

How do you use your phone?

In an age of instant communication, when the internet with all of its social media and other sites are just a click away, how do you use your phone? Is telephony still a key element of a robust business communication plan, or is it merely seen as a sideline to a website-based world?

Calling for prompt payments

It’s often been said that cashflow is the lifeblood of business. Without prompt payments the supply chain can grind to a halt; leaving firms at all levels without funds, stock, and ultimately customers. And yet, whilst the importance of timely payments is widely acknowledged, according to the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) some fifty thousand businesses are forced to close every year simply due to late payment practices.

Dialling in to 2021

How are your New Year business resolutions for 2021 coming along? Whatever sector you are in it is a fair bet that your business plans may have to take into account the ongoing Covid pandemic and the signing of the post Brexit agreement between the UK and EU. And given all that has happened in the last year it is understandable if the planning process is not quite as straightforward as usual.

The company switchboard solution

November; a time of frosty nights and shortening days, a month when Guy Fawkes is remembered and thoughts turn towards Christmas and the start of a New Year. This November is a little different however with England heading back into lockdown and people who can ‘work effectively from home’ being required to do so.