How do you use your phone?

In an age of instant communication, when the internet with all of its social media and other sites are just a click away, how do you use your phone? Is telephony still a key element of a robust business communication plan, or is it merely seen as a sideline to a website-based world?

The company switchboard solution

November; a time of frosty nights and shortening days, a month when Guy Fawkes is remembered and thoughts turn towards Christmas and the start of a New Year. This November is a little different however with England heading back into lockdown and people who can ‘work effectively from home’ being required to do so.

Flexible calling

When the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, stood up to make his summer statement on the 8th July it was clear that his focus was on employment; both preserving existing jobs and creating new positions.