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Which number ranges are best if you want people to call?

Which number ranges are best if you want people to call

With a wide selection of number ranges to choose from, it’s not surprising that choosing the best one for your organisation is not always immediately clear.

However, if you’re running a business or other organisation and actively want people to call you and enquire about your product or service, then it’s actually quite straightforward.

Regional Phone Numbers

One option is to simply choose a standard 01 or 02 regional phone number. People know them and are happy to call them. If you only operate locally then a regional number can immediately signal to people that you are nearby and so available to help them. 

Of course, if you cover a wider area there is nothing to stop you choosing additional virtual numbers for other areas so you can use a local number in each one. That way you still get the benefits of appearing local, even if your head office is a little further afield.

03 Numbers

An alternative to 01 and 02 numbers is the 03 number range. This is the non-geographical alternative to them - it costs exactly the same to call, but is a national number instead of a regional one. Like 01 and 02 numbers, calls to 03 numbers are also covered in any inclusive call packages offered by mobile and landline providers.

There are actually two 03 number ranges - 0300 numbers and 0333 numbers.

0300 numbers are set aside exclusively for registered charities and other not-for-profit organisations. They can add a degree of credibility and proof that your organisation is genuine, so organisations in this category should consider using them.

0333 numbers are open for anyone to use and are typically chosen by businesses who want to present a low-cost national number for their customers to call. By choosing a national number, rather than just a regional number, businesses can signal they are open to business across the UK, and even imply they are bigger than they really are.

0800 Freephone Numbers

If you want to actively encourage people to call you, then choosing an 0800 or 0808 freephone number is the way to go.

By paying for the entire cost of the call, you can make it risk free for people to contact you. Although the price difference is minimal, especially when people have inclusive minutes deals through their provider, the expected increase in call volume is proof these numbers work to generate extra calls. 

Psychologically, people prefer things to be free, so if you’re offering a freephone number and your competitor isn’t, then all other things being equal you should expect more calls. There’s also an element of positioning about using an 0800 number - in order to offer free calls your business must be doing well, and is therefore a good choice to contact and work with.

The above options are almost always the right choice if you want people to call you. They are familiar, don’t cost the customer a lot, if anything, to call, and can signal that you’re a solid, reliable option.

International Phone Numbers

At Callagenix we also offer a full range of international phone numbers. If you do business overseas you can choose a regional number in the countries you operate in, or alternatively you could opt for a freephone number.

If you operate in many European countries then a Universal International Freephone Number may be the best option - you keep the same number across all countries and only the freephone access code varies across borders. Incidentally, we can also supply national and premium rate numbers overseas, should you require them.

If you need any further advice on choosing and setting up your virtual numbers please contact us today. We will also advise on which of our hosted phone services you should use to best handle your calls - whether that’s a simple call divert to your existing phone number, or a fully featured phone system built around a virtual switchboard, created to suit your exact requirements.